Examples of use for Automated Data Entry Solution

Examples of use for Automated Data Entry Solution

Data entry is a basic and essential operation that is required to run an organization smoothly. From healthcare to government agencies, every sector handles large volumes of documents on a daily basis. Every one of these organizations has standard documents such as questionnaires, forms, checks, and invoices, which need to be updated in their database for future use. However, data entry is also one of the most time-consuming parts of the daily workflow for employees. Fortunately, automating data entry can help to maximize employee productivity and help them to spend time on more strategic tasks. In some cases, the volume of data entry work at an organization is so high that additional data entry personnel is required to handle these processes, either in-house or off-shore, creating additional overhead and slowing down business processes. With data entry automation, organizations can save these costs and increase their efficiency to serve customers.

Data entry solution
CaptureFast is the latest advanced document and data capture technology, which digitizes data from paper and digital documents. Using artificial intelligence, CaptureFast makes the data retrieval process simple and accurate. This advanced software scans documents, looks for the key information, recognizes text, numbers, checkboxes, signatures, and other forms of data, and automatically transfers these pieces of data into appropriate databases and business applications.

At last, automated data entry has eliminated the hassle of manually keying in data from hundreds of structured and unstructured documents. CaptureFast’s data entry solution increases the speed and accuracy with minimal human supervision. For example, CaptureFast uses advanced technology to recognize typed and handwritten forms, documents, receipts, invoices, catalogs, prescriptions, and legal documents. CaptureFast makes the service available on its secure cloud, requires no IT integration, and is affordable for small- to medium-size businesses. Now, businesses of all sizes can automate data entry using CaptureFast.

Examples of Use

Real estate
Automation of data entry in real estate helps to populate your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database and to evaluate residential and commercial properties. Property management, appraisal reports, title documents, legal files, and invoices can also be streamlined with automation.

Healthcare organizations are always trying to improve the accuracy of data entry since one small mistake could cost the life of a patient. With online data entry, patient histories, treatment case files, prescriptions, and personal information can be securely stored eliminating the need for paper documents. Automation can help hospitals create and manage patient files, medical bills, insurance bills, and invoice records. Similarly, insurance companies can use document capture to increase the speed and accuracy of processing claims and medical billing forms.

From handling purchase orders to processing payroll, data automation speeds up business operations. Most large organizations already use some form of automation or they outsource data entry to Business Process Outsourcing (BPOs) services, especially for accounts payables, accounts receivables, bookkeeping, tax, and legal compliance. However, most data capture solutions in the market today are inflexible and less accurate than CaptureFast. CaptureFast has award-winning mobile capture and artificial intelligence to increase the accuracy of data extraction and requires little-to-no IT integration or “re-tooling” when business needs, regulations, or document templates change.

Financial Institutions
Digitizing business processes helps financial institutions to increase productivity. Documents such as new customer/credit card application forms, loan extension forms, personal financial statements, and mortgage applications – whether in paper or digital format – can be scanned with CaptureFast. CaptureFast retrieves key data and automatically populates it into business applications to increase processing speed and eliminate manual errors. Automation gives real-time insight and analysis of business processes, enabling higher quality service and increased revenue.

Automating logistics can include automatic capture and entry of transportation logs, fuel charges, Bills of Lading (BOLs), shipping payments, and freight invoice audit. With automated data entry, businesses will no longer need to worry about duplicate information, overpayments, and errors. They can reduce time spent tracking down bills of ladings, transportation routes, receipts, and licenses, compare and analyze their costs to increase savings.

Brick-and-mortar and online retailers can benefit from automation to save time and eliminate costs. The pickup process, purchase orders, inventory management, drop shipping, payment details, and email campaigns can be improved with an automated data entry process. CaptureFast’s data capture solutions can integrate with most popular business applications, such as Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERPs) systems.