CaptureFast & Pipedrive Cooperation

CaptureFast & Pipedrive Cooperation

Cooperation between Pipedrive and CaptureFast is an effective tool for our customers. This integration aims to increase efficiency.

Pipedrive is the first Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform run by salespeople for salespeople. They built up an idea to create Pipedrive around activity-based selling. That is a proven approach to scheduling, completing, and tracking activities related to sales processes. 

Meanwhile, CaptureFast dives in as the most powerful AI-based data capture solution. We extract data from physical or digital documents and transfer them to third-party business applications like Pipedrive. CaptureFast is easy to integrate with Pipedrive specifically when you want an automated workflow. Full, hands-off automation can be achieved by capturing whole fields from relevant documents into your selected pipeline.

This efficient integration offers the following:

• Accessibility from both web and mobile platforms

• Real-time collaboration on the same project

• SDK (Software Development Kit) & API (Application Programming Interface) Integration availability

• Limitless destination integrations

Some uses for Pipedrive include managing leads and deals, tracking communications and insights, and analyzing reports. By combining those features with CaptureFast’s efficiency, you can master Pipedrive in no time, and you are also ready to use our tools, such as template creation, document capture, and transferring data to the cloud from the Pipedrive application.

We are constantly working to move our premium technology forward, and this partnership provides our customers with a new concept of automation and CRM platform.

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