Cluno has the advantage now!


Nowadays, all companies are in need of adapting their businesses to world’s global standards. Meeting those, companies need efficiency, speed and convenience. Cluno GmbH is now reaching this advanced level with cooperation to CaptureFast & Salesforce integrated tool.

The Cluno car subscription is an easy and convenient concept that serves the drivers. Cluno brings a great deal of flexibility and mobility to its customers. Adjusting to today’s advanced technology, Cluno can be preferred online or via the app. Digital booking system provides its clients with efficiency. All of these factors add up to Cluno’s popularity and makes it a convenient application for everyone. Thanks to its basic procedure, customers gradually increase. That is where Cluno benefits from CaptureFast and also its Salesforce Integration.

We as the CaptureFast collaborate with Cluno through its Salesforce integration.Salesforceis the world’s largest provider of customer relationship management (CRM) software. CRM software development together with CaptureFast’s AI-based data extraction technology is a great progress for Cluno.

Chain reaction from CaptureFast to Salesforce and finally to Cluno is of a great importance. CRM is a fundamental technology in managing your company’s now and future relationships through all contexts. Customers are at the heart of this process and improving business relationships is the core element. Cloud-based CRM system, Salesforce, assists Cluno with tools to manage contacts and sales, boost productivity and stay connected to its streamline processes. When it comes to our output method, Salesforce and now Cluno as well benefit from our services, regardless of storage method or enterprise systems of their choice. Our tools can be integrated with existing Salesforce and Cluno instances to automatically create new leads of prospective customers.

Instant access to CRM-powered Cluno and CaptureFast integration is effective in many ways. Our methods include data capturing from editable or noneditable physical or scanned documents. This partnership will provide Cluno’s clients an all-in-one solution for customers’ extraction needs.

Now you can experience this with highest standard of service and excellence. For a better glance at what CaptureFast can do for you, request a live demo now: