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Before the details about CaptureFast API, let’s check the literature view of API technology firstly. An Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of functions, procedures, methods or classes. Computer programs use them to request services from the operating system, software libraries or any other service providers running on the computer. A computer programmer uses the API to make application programs.

An API works by communicating with and exchanging data with other systems. Above all, it acts as a messenger between the user and the system to retrieve the necessary data the user is requesting from the system. Similarly CaptureFast API  does.

Main types of web APIs:

  • Open APIs – available to the public; External users can access them.
  • Partner APIs – available to strategic business partners; during they are exposed to a public API dev portal. (CaptureFast API is in this type)
  • Internal APIs – available to a company’s internal development teams; they are exposed to a private API dev portal.
  • Composite APIs – A single API call bundles a sequence of tasks.



CaptureFast Api Visual

Seamless integrations with API technology


CaptureFast is an intelligent capture solution allowing users to create their own field-based document type and after that they can extract data from documents to their preferred destination by uploading documents or scanning them with their smartphone.

Use CaptureFast API to get premium capture technology into your system, application or mobile solution within an hour to add value to your users.

CaptureFast allows you to add this capability to your solution. Therefore, you can setup connectors in minutes for RPA tools or lots of 3rd party business applications. For example; Uipath integrations or Crm tool integrations.

To sum up, are you looking for a capture solution that may help your system to be more efficient?  In addition this system may help to augment the services you offer to your customers. It helps automation of document management workflow? Try CaptureFast intelligent document capture solution.


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How to use Capturefast WEB api?