Capture Data on Complex Documents Intelligently

Extract data from documents with CaptureFast. After that, transfer them to preferred business applications. Provide data for automation processes. Above all, all these in minutes without any coding.

Table/Line Extraction

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Extracts data from tables and lines automatically. No need to define borders, columns or rows.

Cloud or On-Premises

Provides cloud or on-premises model to securely extract data from documents.

Zero Development

Thanks to its API and web-based UI. It’s very easy to set up a 3rd party connector.


CaptureFast AI-Based Capture Engine

Artificial Intelligence based engine with high success rates.

Higher success rates than traditional approaches

Improved character recognition

Faster, smarter and more useful!


CaptureFast Table Extraction

CaptureFast extracts data in tables and lines automatically

No table borders define

No column or row borders define

AI-based recognition


CaptureFast Auto Document Classification

CaptureFast’s new hybrid (AI + Rule) auto classification system.

Human-level classification success rates. Target %100

AI+Rule based hybrid model

Beyond the limitations of traditional machine learning models


CaptureFast Api

Unlocking business potential with seamless API integration.

RPA ready

Easy to set up a connector to 3rd parties through web APIs

Already connected to 1.000+ cloud solutions

CaptureFast is an Intelligent Capture Solution

Captures data from documents automatically. Provides high efficiency. Therefore, users gains time and cost saving.

Enables data capture from complex documents. In other words, extracts table and provides line item extraction

Data entry automation eliminating manual data entry

Helps RPA tools for process automation with its RPA ready integrations

Hybrid Auto Classification approach. In other words, beyond the limitations of traditional machine learning models.

Extract data from pdf and other formats


Watch CaptureFast Short Video. Moreover see the Easiest Way for Data Extraction

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