Microsoft Softomotive Acqusition | CaptureFast Document Capture
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capturefast microsoft softomotive acqusition

Microsoft Softomotive Acqusition

Microsoft acquires Softomotive to accelerate and expand its Robotic Process Automation capabilities

At Microsoft’s Build conference this week, CEO Satya Nadella announced the acquisition of Softomotive, which is a top RPA (Robotic Process Automation) vendor. This technology allows for the automation of repetitive and tedious processes, such as with legacy IT systems. 

CaptureFast is Partner With Microsoft Softomotive

We are pleased to announce that CaptureFast, Cloud, and AI-Based Document and Data Capture vendor, has announced a strategic partnership with Microsoft Softomotive, a leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA). CaptureFast allows users to unlock valuable information from physical or digital documents via AI using machine print character recognition. This partnership will provide CaptureFast’s clients an all-in-one, ready-to-deploy solution for customers’ automation needs that require an additional method for data capturing from editable or noneditable physical or scanned documents.

John Anastasopoulos, Head of Product for Microsoft Softomotive said “We are excited to extend the capabilities of ProcessRobot, our leading enterprise RPA platform, to include CaptureFast for extracting valuable data from physical and digital document data capturing. This is an important development for our customers because it opens up the range of processes that are potentially suitable for automation. By doing so, it means they can accelerate process development to achieve better ROI.”

From the view of CaptureFast

Gurkan Karagoz, founder and CEO of CaptureFast explains, “We believe Microsoft Softomotive is a great partner for us because we share a similar point of view about how the market is evolving and the needs of clients. Above all, both CaptureFast and Softomotive products are very easy to use. It is a great benefit because there is no learning curve and no need for complicated –and costly- approaches.”  He added, “Data capture is normally the starting point. Customers also need to take action or process the data once it is captured. Capture, by itself, solves only part of the problem. In order to achieve broader automation, CaptureFast values partnerships with RPA vendors such as Softomotive. Because it provides customers with an easy to implement and flexible data capture solution in their RPA deployment.”

From the Forrester Wave™: Robotic Process Automation, Q2 2018 Report:

Text mining applied to unstructured content lifts RPA’s value. Text analytics enhances the strategic value of RPA. Typical documents in scope include insurance, medical claim forms, invoices, purchase orders, and emails. Unstructured text fields are scattered throughout such documents. Before these text fields can become actionable in RPA, a process must extract structures. — simple ones like names, times, and locations, and complex ones like sentiment, effort, and intent. Leading vendors stepped up their game with partnerships or native extensions.

CaptureFast fills this gap in the market offering quick, easy set-up for a very flexible and integrated cloud solution.

Like Microsoft Softomotive; CaptureFast is used in multiple verticals such as insurance (application, sales, claim forms between field and HQ), Banking & Finance (account opening, checks, KYC, loan and mortgage documents, bank statements), Non-profits (member forms and files), Construction (insurance documents, work orders), healthcare, legal, logistics, and many others.

CaptureFast serves both local and global companies such as Allianz Insurance, INGBank, and Ceva Logistics.


About Softomotive

Microsoft Softomotive is a leading worldwide provider of Robotic Process Automation solutions. More than 8,000 companies worldwide trust.

Microsoft Softomotive provides the smoothest RPA journey by allowing you to start small, learn quickly, and scale seamlessly. This helps to reduce overall project risk and avoids high up-front costs.

· Microsoft Softomotive WinAutomation. The world’s best desktop automation tool. Provides a powerful, robust, and easy to use Windows-based platform for building software robots.

· Microsoft Softomotive ProcessRobot. Leading enterprise RPA platform, including enterprise-grade security and controls, with links to best-of-breed AI technologies.