Golden Age of AI (Artificial Intelligence)

AI is taking a more and more vital role in our daily lives and economy. Golden age of AI is not only sustaining human intelligence but economically growing potential for businesses.

AI is ready to reinforce the position of human to drive growth in several ways. As it is established in a 3 stage wheel; intelligent automation, labor augmentation, innovation diffusion are important tools. AI-powered automation minimizes physical workload by great amount. So, ability of businesses to innovate allows them to compete in global market. Mentioning of labor enhancement, AI-powered systems create spaces and enable people to think more of efficiency. According to United Nations University Centre for Policy Research, an independent think-tank working closely with UN, AI deployment boosts fruitful processes leading to job creation and economic growth. Readily automated jobs help businesses create efficiency both in time and monetary affairs.

AI technologies are bringing useful solutions to everyday problems of economy. As its most celebrated function, efficiency of AI can lead to productivity improvements. Better data processing function is also boosting businesses. Precise solutions to heavy workload, less prone to human error, specifically-targeted investments are what make AI such a global trend. As a result of this enhanced productivity, AI provides businesses with easier technology diffusion and cost reductions. Human resources management, marketing, accounting and inventory functions can easily be supported.

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