Digitize Documents And Save Paper

Real estate industry moves along the lines of technological progress and is growing massively into a huge business sector with each passing decade. Real estate agents deal with high amounts of paper documents on daily basis regarding the sale and rental agreements, mortgage contracts, lease applications, bank forms, and much more. This high volume of paperwork can lead to misfiling of documents about properties and sometimes takes quality time away by searching for those documents in a stack. With increased workload on the real estate agents, firms are looking for long-term solutions on document management and in the reduction of waste of paper.

Save Paper By Storing Documents Electronically

Papers and forms related to real estate end up unused up to 30% every year due to change of policies or them becoming obsolete for the future years. With a change in technology, clients are now expecting digital forms from the realtor firms to avoid wasting time. Safety of documents is stronger when it comes to digital storage than the manual ones. When the digital documents are lost, there is an automatic backup of the records which gives customers and firm’s peace of mind over misplaced data. The data which is stored digitally is safe from fire hazards and theft as only authorized personnel are given access to data files.

Document capture solutions can prevent the misfiling and human errors by automating the workflow. Real estate firms can defeat waste of paper and help the environment on a large scale by digitizing their documents and data. Real estate document management system helps the realtors to have a better job life. They do not need to be tied down to their desks managing the data process and can help customers in finding their dream home swiftly and efficiently. All the files sitting on the desks of realtors carry vital information regarding properties and customer documents. Document capture makes it easy for realtors to keep their data organized.

Digitized Solution

CaptureFast is one of the strong applications of document capture solutions which do the realtor deeds electronically in a short span. Checking the contracts, lease forms, and reviewing the submitted forms and related documents now can be done online. Sending over the agreements can now take place in real time from the app where all the documents are stored. The document types, document indexing, related fields, directories, and document descriptions are some of the customizable features of a document capture app. This tool captures all the content of a document as it is without any alterations.

Real estate firms can now rely on document capture solutions to integrate the existing business with the CaptureFast for easy search and retrieval of data. Accountability of the realtor is improved with automation process and so is the quality of customer service. Secure mobile access is linked to helping the client and customer to access information from anywhere and at any time. It also eliminates the need for storage space and courier costs spent on a daily basis by the firm in delivering the documents.

You can try now CaptureFast for free; https://capturefast.com