CaptureFast and the Power of Integrations

CaptureFast is a tool to liberate information from non-digital (paper) or semi-digital(images of documents, non-searchable PDFs) file formats. We believe that, by creating a convenient way to access this information, we will aid many companies in their digitisation journey by improving how they serve their customers and how they access one of their most valuable assets: Data.

While we have the mission to create value by digitising information, we also know that, this data is as useful as it can be fed into your company’s existing business processes. This is where our goal of building numerous integrations comes in.

Like all SaaS Cloud products, we need to receive the raw images to be processed, and we need an output method to deliver the resulting information.

Currently, our platform’s primary input method is the CaptureFast Mobile app. Our users are able to capture their documents at the point of origination, or at their office without the need of a scanner. We have other alternative methods of inputs, such as traditional scanners, MFPs, or a folder containing previously captured document images.

When it comes to the output method, our goal is to be output agnostic. We are working to offer all interested businesses a chance to benefit from our services, regardless of storage method or enterprise systems of their choice.

For example, if your CRM solution is on Salesforce, why not integrate our tool with your existing Salesforce instance to automatically create new leads of prospective customers from their ID cards you’ve captured? If you’d rather receive the outputs of our tool as an image file and the corresponding data, you can do that too, by tying your template to your Google Drive or Dropbox account.

In a nutshell, we believe our CaptureFast Portal will be as useful as the flexibility we provide for you to consume the data we’ve created. Our Beta version is being released with Google Drive, Dropbox and Box integrations, as well as options to connect using FTP, Web Services or using our APIs. Integrations with Salesforce, SAP, Zapier, HubSpot, Kissflow and many others are just around the corner.

Let us know if you want us to add your favourite tool to our list of integrations! Contact us at