CaptureFast Integrates with KPMG

CaptureFast integrates with a new partner, KPMG, to automatically extract data from invoices and much more.

KPMG is a widely-known firm dealing with audit, tax, advisory, and training systems. KPMG Turkey provides its clients with assurance services specific to audit and legal concerns, customized tax services, and IT advisory solutions. As KPMG Turkey has a wide selection of different businesses, they have a new partner such as CaptureFast to help them automate data with a professionality.

Specifically analyzing CaptureFast and KPMG integration, KPMG Turkey provides tax certification and consultancy services on a global and local level. This integration provides a basic solution to extract data from invoices to a cloud system. This way, KPMG has a direct way of automating its invoices and extracting information from a physical system to a cloud management. Thanks to its well-established AI, CaptureFast is able to gather a wide range of invoices from all different sources and to extract specific data from these. This customized AI proficiency also boosts accuracy in terms of lowering human-prone errors.

CaptureFast presents a specialized solution at this stage. CaptureFast also integrates with its accounting profiles of customers. This helps lots of clients to track invoice entries from beginning to an end on a single screen. This integration reduces complexity of having different tools to deal with but instead presents a single screen on CaptureFast application for customers to clearly extract and track data from invoices.

End-to-end document management brings many advantages thanks to CaptureFast’s API. KPMG Turkey benefits from this highly-developed cloud based and completely self-service intelligent solution to the best. They receive seamless integration into their current workflow and processes.

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