Bill of Lading automation solution by CaptureFast

Bill of Lading automation solution by CaptureFast

Do you still use old-fashioned methods to extract data from documents? New year, new ways to boost your business! Get an immediate CaptureFast solution in this new era and start automating documents in no time.

CaptureFast presents you with one of its well-established solutions, oriented around Bill of Lading extraction for a stack full of opportunities to get better and faster in the new year. 

A Bill of Lading is a crucial paper for stake-holders in logistics and transportation businesses. This is a must-have, legally binding document that carrier and driver should possess in order to move a freight shipment. All kinds of details related to delivering goods — including the shipper, ship date, quantity to consignee, due date, and destination — are listed on the Bill of Lading. With all that vital information, the document cannot bear any mistakes.

Any misleading information could cause a loss of time and money. This is where CaptureFast dives into assistance. CaptureFast saves you from manually extracting data from these documents, which can be a big burden. Thanks to its AI-processed automation system and customer-based coding solutions, CaptureFast extracts data faster than manual extraction and provides a less error-prone service.

If your transportation business is still based on emails and traditional documents, you may waste a great deal of time and energy on data entry. There is a high potential of you not being able to cope with a large number of documents. Especially in the logistics business, any single mistake will cause a huge transportation problem.

CaptureFast provides you with the right kind of automation software. Each and every bill of lading can be subsequently searched and carefully matched with the respective purchase order. Its automation software also processes any detail of bills and reads all necessary information with its powerful optical character recognition.

With CaptureFast technology, you can boost your transportation business with no more errors in Bills of Lading. Take a step forward to CaptureFast technology and make this your year full of speedy entries without error.