API Boosted Technology

CaptureFast provides its customers with advanced and simply clear solutions to data extraction utilizing a convenient tool: API.

Existing rule-based system is an almost perfect for an extracting solution. But it still needs some human touch to set it up. While the number of document type increases, more time is needed to fine-tune template creation for each document type. CaptureFast utilises a well-established AI layer in constructing a successful hybrid system. As well as utilising AI to a great extent, API is a convenient help. CaptureFast utilises its well-developed technology API, acronym for Application Programming Interface, with proficiency.

API is an intermediate for software solutions specified to many purposes. For CaptureFast’s case, two applications are oriented to communicate with each other in an instant manner. It experiences this tool as a connector between computer and phone applications. CaptureFast provides its customers with great convenience that they can transfer information without setting up a different connection. Either a customer lives CaptureFast experience through mobile application or from a computer, data is extracted accurately and securely stored in cloud software. Internet connection makes sure the application is connected and sends data to a server. Thanks to API, the server then retrieves the data, interprets in and performs the necessary actions in transferring same kind of data to anywhere connected a cloud system. This way, CaptureFast customers can easily reach to a document wherever they want to.

Without this service, customers would specifically select the document or data and share with each other or other devices. This would be time consuming for the customer. As more human interaction is involved degree of errors would increase so that problems would rise.

CaptureFast successfully integrates its software tools to serve to its customers to the fullest. Increased accuracy and easy data transfer solutions are covered with CaptureFast’s advanced API tools.

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