What are the Affordable Options to Go Paperless in the Office?

Every company is looking forward to making their offices and workplaces completely paperless. But the task is not easy because it would require a lot of time to scan every document and convert them into digital form. Nevertheless, it is the current trend in the professional world, and hence, every company has to do it to be at par with other companies and competitors. They always look for affordable document capture solutions that the expenditure is minimal and turns out to be a one-time investment only.

Depending on the budget of the company, there could be different solutions:

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Solution – This solution will work only for those documents that are typed. Anything that is handwritten will yield an incorrect result. Therefore, if the budget is low, a company should go for partial digitization of typed documents only like bills, bank statements, contracts and such items through OCR solution.

Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) Solution – In this solution, a handwritten document can be captured and converted into the digital format with very high accuracy. If a company goes forward with this ICR solution, it will lead to complete paperless work. The reason is that the software for ICR allows OCR as well. This is more expensive, but every penny is worth it. It is also a one-time investment where the scanners and software suite have to be bought.

Integrated Document Management Solution – Once you have scanned a document and converted it into digital format, you need to save the file in proper categories so that they are organised perfectly for future references. For that purpose document management system is mandatory. One can perform various operations like searching, analysing and preparing automated reports. Some companies do not go for it and appoint an employee to manage the files manually and it could lead to human error and mismatch. With document management system, the documents get stored in appropriate categories as per the settings.

For example, all documents with the title of a company named XYZ should get automatically saved in a folder named XYZ. Similarly, a single document can get saved in multiple places as per convenience. For example, the files of with title XYZ will not only save in XYZ folder but also under accounting as they are bills from the supplier XYZ.

Advanced Features – Other than traditional document management system, there are software suites which allow intelligent data capture from mobile devices along with scanners. Therefore, anybody can upload documents int eh centralised server from any workplace without being physically present where the scanner is.

Another feature is intelligent document recognition whereby the software can capture documents from different sources like faxes, emails and document sharing platforms. It can recognise the metadata of those files, index and migrate them accordingly. It also helps in searching any document or phrases in a document instantly.

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