Loan Extension Forms Processing

How do you automate loan extension form processing?

A loan extension form provides you the information needed for granting a loan to your customer. These forms help you get rid of dubious customers.

Manual processing of loan extension forms is a big burden. CaptureFast document and data capture solution will automate this manual process, making it faster, more efficient and less error-prone. Upload or take a photo of your forms, select the fields and extract data within seconds.

A manual invoice process is slow and error-prone

Subscribing to our software exists to automate such crucial steps, if time-consuming, steps in the purchase to pay process and eliminating the tedious work of organizing your incoming invoices. For example, once the invoice comes in, it can be stored, as a scanned image or as an image clicked on a phone, on a central database. The right kind of automation software can store the image of the invoice in such a way that each and every invoice can be subsequently searched for, and matched up with its respective purchase order number in a matter of seconds.

Some software goes a step further by processing an invoice’s detail with optical character recognition. With the resultant time-savings, your team can do so much more and begin to actually focus on their core job functions.

You can go for CaptureFast, is Cloud & AI Engine based accounting solution specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses. It is a simple, easy and user-friendly software.

Some of the main features of our solution include:

  • Send the invoice in a timely manner
  • Eliminating late payments
  • Eliminating duplicate payments – another severe headache for many businesses.
  • Reduce the risk of losing invoices.
  • Manage your supplier portfolio proactively.
  • Documents accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the business
  • Powerful monitoring, audit and reporting tools

Documentation is a leading provider of invoice processing solutions. By removing paper and manual processing from business operations, we help our clients reduce costs, improve efficiencies, maintain business control and achieve legal compliance.

The cornerstone to our success is our proven track record in building and implementing high-quality, business-focused solutions specific to individual client needs.

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