Financial Documents Processing

How do you automate financial documents processing?

Manual processing of invoices is a burden on all industries. Using a document capture solution, relevant information can easily be extracted from invoices of different vendors, and data can be directly transferred to your accounting software, such as QuickBooks.

With CaptureFast, upload or take a photo of your invoices, select the fields and securely extract accurate data you need in seconds. In the past, this technology was only available to large enterprises. CaptureFast is the world’s first cloud-based document capture application solving the needs of SMBs.

Why Does Financial Documents Processing Need to Be Automated?

If your purchase to pay process is still based around using emails and traditional documents, then it’s likely that there is a great deal of time and energy wasted on doing manual data entry of purchase orders, and on manually sorting and storing incoming invoices.

*By purchase to pay, we mean the process beginning from the early stages of requesting for the purchase of an item to the secondary stages involving approval workflows to the last stages of actually paying for the item or service.
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