CaptureFast allows users to extract valuable information from physical or digital documents.

5 Steps to Capture Your Data!


Getting started

To get started with the CaptureFast document capture process users need to sign up and create a document type from the web platform.

Users may choose to either create document types using our document type wizard or select one of the pre-defined document types.

During document type creation phase users may:

  • Upload an example document from central folders, mobile capture, Google Drive or dropbox
  • Specify which fields to capture using captions and regular expressions
  • Set accuracy expectations for each field
  • Select which destination to transfer outputs

Step 1: Upload

After document type creation is completed, it is time to capture the document. There are a few means to upload the document where the data will be extracted from:

  • Mobile capture using CaptureFast Mobile Application: iOs or Android
  • Central folders or ftp server
  • Google Drive / dropbox or other storage provider
  • Network scanners

Step 2: Document is prepared for recognition

Using computer vision algorithms, CaptureFast mobile application converts a 3D photo into a 2D image that character recognition can be performed on.


The image goes through processes such as:

  • De-Scew
  • Line Removal
  • Zoning
  • Perspective and lighting improvements

Step 3: Recognise machine-print characters

Powered by machine-print character recognition technology our solution is able to extract information from pre-selected fields of the captured document.

Step 4: Verify information when needed

Verification of extracted information may not be needed in cases where the accuracy of recognition is satisfactory against the user’s targets. This is when documents go “straight-through” without the need for any human verification.


When verification is needed users can verify data field by field both via the mobile application and web platform.

Step 5: Deliver to the destination you prefer

After the verification step is complete, extracted information is transferred in the format and destination that was selected during the document type creation phase.

Integrations are a very critical part of our vision and it allows us to serve users with a seamless experience. Information that is captured can be delivered to the relevant business application with a field by field matching.

Leverage document capture with CaptureFast


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