Document capture saves time and energy during the legal document processesing by digitising document heavy phases such as discovery.


  • Easier client servicing
  • Added security
  • Environment-friendly

Isn’t it better when you can pull your client’s history right when you need it the most rather than surfing through an endless tier of papers? With digitised forms, searching for what you need and when you need it the most becomes easier, especially when the client is right on the phone for you to look for their files. This also impresses the client, making them happier.

All of the cases dealt with come with an added risk of security since it is all sensitive information which your firm cannot afford to lose. With paper forms, the risk of losing such information is very high. This could be through theft or even an emergency such as a fire. When you go paperless, all your forms are now on the cloud, with an additional layer of security. Only those who need the information can access it.

Going paperless also benefits the environment. With mobile capture applications making it easier to capture documents right at the go, there is a drastic decline in the amount of paper and ink used. The average yearly usage of paper in a single law office is equivalent to approximately six forty-feet tall trees. Going paperless will eventually decrease the cutting of trees, helping us build a safer environment.

Digitising your forms certainly reaps benefits, if not now then surely a few years down the line. There is a bevy of forms you can now digitise.


  • Discovery Phase
  • Court Filings
  • Other Varied Documents

Discovery is an information-gathering process where legal institutions dig deep into the details of what is important to a client’s business, target audience, and industry. Document capture allows the digitisation of this paper-heavy process.

Another common kind of paper form is court filings. They are the basic necessity of any firm in the legal sector. By digitising court filings, you not only reduce wastage of paper but also save up on space.

This would include client files, wills, deeds, disclosure documents, et cetera. Digitising these documents would save time and money, as mentioned earlier.

A paperless office is a dream come true the legal sector as they are one of the most paper-intensive sectors. With document capture software, going paperless is not only easier but also healthier for a company’s growth. A paperless office in today’s technologically enhanced world makes it easier for companies in finance, healthcare and many more sectors to adapt to changes and new trends in the digital world.


It might seem difficult to go paperless and digitise everything since the rest of the legal processes still survive on paper. From paper filings in the court to complaints on paper, if the rest of the system is refusing to go paperless, it becomes a challenge for you. Hence, the advancement of technology is what will make it easier for you to go paperless.

The reluctance to go paperless, especially in the legal sector, boils right down to the traditional habit. Many law firms are hesitant because either the law requires you to keep a physical copy or because they wrongly believe that it is safer. Then what is motivating such offices to go paperless?


An unarguable benefit of going paperless is the money saved by your firm. Initially, you might neglect to do it because of the perceived marginal benefits. But, adapting to new technology right in the beginning will bear fruit few years down the line when it is no more negligible for others.



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