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  • Efficiency in the Workplace
  • Happy Patients & More Profits

A certain benefit of going paperless is increasing the overall efficiency in your workplace. By going paperless, you are not only reducing time spent on filling up forms but also the time spent on moving those forms from one place to another. When you go paperless, your documents are stored in the cloud and can then be accessed by every single employee at any time of the day. Along with efficiency, you reduce the time consumed and your employees can now get more stuff done within the same time-frame.

While going paperless reduces the time for you, another added benefit is that it reduces the time for your consumers as well. Gone are those days where they are still required to fill out paper forms and insurance details. Intelligent digital recognition software has made it easier for you to capture such forms, even from your mobile. With paper, there was always a risk of loss. Digitised forms have abridged this loss, if not eliminated it altogether. A study has shown there is a 15% increase in profits for hospitals and clinics which maintain an automated paperless process.


  • Patient Records
  • Digital Archive
  • Invoices

Document capture allows health institutions to transfer valuable information from physical or faxed patient forms and lab results directly to the relevant fields in the EMR system.

Using document capture you can get rid of mountains of paper documents of patient and employee files filled in a warehouse for 15 years. You can easily digitise these paper documents with document capture and store them with a document management or cloud-based storage provider.

Everyday medical institutions receive or send out thousands of invoices from numerous vendors. With CaptureFast you can digitise paper invoices and transfer relevant information to your accounting software.

Mitigating risks and enabling efficient data management for new business strategies on a day-to-day basis, digitisation in the healthcare sector has brought about a change not seen in many other industries. Since the advancement of technology and increase in the number of customers, data management has become onerous. Going to a doctor became cumbersome because of the amount of paperwork involved in the process – from admission to discharge. One simple erroneous data entry and figures could be offset for the worse.


With paper, forms came as extra workload pressure and extra expenses – in terms of storage, manpower, and maintenance. A recent Cisco survey showed that 45 percent of companies still do not view digital disruption as a board-level concern, and only 25 percent consider that they are willing to disrupt themselves to compete. With technology disrupting every single sector, the healthcare sector still has a lot to gain, specifically in the form of digitisation.


A recent study by PWC suggests emerging markets will account for 80% of the world’s elderly by 2050. The demand for healthcare is certainly growing and there are two factors contributing to that. Firstly, the growing population which is the biggest contributor to the surge in demand, and Secondly the ageing population. There have been a vast number of studies on going paperless and how it benefits the healthcare sector overall. One particular study has also suggested that going paperless is better for patients and leads to more profitability.


Because of a multitude of options from mobile capture to character recognition software, the types of forms you can digitise is essentially unfailing. From basic patient information forms to complex patient history forms and performance charts, all of it can be digitised and many healthcare professionals are choosing to go digital.


We are now accustomed to technology. Cost savings are just an added benefit of going digital. The real advantage is to the ultimate consumers who are your patients, and also your employees in the form of internal customers. Increasing profits and reducing the time consumed on wasteful activities has helped transform the healthcare sector in a remarkable way.



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