How can you automate forms processing?

s your business taking advantage of the latest AI technologies to automate forms processing? Are you still manually entering data from customer application forms, KYC (Know Your Customer) forms, personal financial statements, contractors’ licenses, HUD-1, U-4, DMV, or DOL forms into your ERP, CRM or other business applications? The data in these forms make the foundation of your business, enabling better decisions.

CaptureFast’s advanced artificial intelligence system uses algorithms to increase the accuracy of advanced data capture and automatically populates the data into your business application. Now, businesses of all sizes can extract valuable data from hundreds of forms, no IT integration required.


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Mobile capture allows users to leverage document capture in the field. Whether you are a real estate agent or insurance producer you can utilise CaptureFast to digitise paper documents while in the field. CaptureFast is available for both iOS and Android devices.


Cloud-based document capture allows users to securely extract information from paper or digital documents without the need for any hardware or servers. CaptureFast aims to be a self-service tool for all users, without needing any IT expertise or product developments.


Through input and output integrations we aim to provide the most flexible user experience possible. You can transfer extracted information directly to industry-specific business applications you readily utilise.


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