Enterprise Solutions

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Enterprise Solutions


Enterprise solutions are designed to integrate multiple facets of a company’s business through the interchange of information from various business process areas and related databases. These solutions enable companies to retrieve and disseminate mission-critical data throughout the organization, providing managers with real-time operating information.


CaptureFast develops projects of information systems with innovative approach and solutions for especially all kind of institutions. In this Projects; sustainability, transfer of information for the Institutions and maintenance of the processes are the main aims. Purposing International Projects, CaptureFast has been structuring in United States of America and Europe.


Access to API for customization

Our Application Programming integration extends to all the electronic devices capable of supporting a real-time application. The API developers at CaptureFast makes sure the network of data among different collaborations is seamless, quick and safe.

More Export Sources

With CaptureFast custom plans, more customized export destinations will be available. Our application will be modified upon as your requests and output sources fully coherent with target that fits to your necessity.

On-Premise Solutions

Deploy CaptureFast in the model that fits your organization’s IT ecosystem: as a SaaS cloud solution, traditional on-premises, or in a hybrid model — with zero compromise on features, capabilities and user experience.


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