Complex Table Extraction & Breakdown

Complex Table Extraction has a strong connection to reminiscent of reporting tool utility. As a vital tool in our business life, 3rd party reporting tools and Excel have loads of functions that you can benefit from. You can create data charts in a single cell, efficiently model and analyze any data. As smooth as this is. 

But where do things go troublesome?

For Excel as a sample, sky is the limit for things you want to do. Tables are familiar, flexible, and widely used in business. They can be adapted to any type of demand a user has. Limitless ability to customize anything in anyway necessary can create a bit of a complexity. This can be clearly seen in complex tables that most of businesses deal with.

Complex table contains multiple fields of data in different rows and columns. In each of these spaces there is a variety of records in a structured and searchable format. Complex table is efficient when workload is exceeding for a business to handle. This aspect provides businesses with a clear visualization of work. Also, they can reach the point where they have all necessary data. In short, complex table has all answers but it is like a puzzle.

This is where CaptureFast is featured.

As a table gets more complex, it gets harder to extract data. One can hardly find a required data. This situation results in time loss. Also, reporting tool fails to function as a flexible tool in business. CaptureFast restores all these facilities and provides these tables with their previous fluency. Enhancing its AI based technology, CaptureFast encodes different approaches to extract data from complex tables. CaptureFast’s improved technology enables you to extract valuable information trapped in these complex tables. Thanks to its AI-powered data capture solution, it can easily detect what is demanded and transfer you data in seconds. This way, complex tables can easily serve their missions. CaptureFast also arranges complicated data in multiple rows and columns. So that an easier approach to receive data is accomplished.

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