Capturefast created a solution that focuses on employment law and plaintiff litigation to scan and capture the required information from the notice of hearings. 


Capturefast can help you to automate the notice of hearing extraction step to reduce inefficient hours spent.
Capturefast can save necessary information such as judge name, hearing place, case no and etc. All data extracted will then be copied to your law firm document management system automatically.

Attorneys will never miss any hearings anymore.

The solution extracts all these listed below from the notice of hearings for unemployment and workers’ compensation claims forms:


  • Administrative judge name
  • Case number
  • Claimant name
  • Employer’s name
  • Hearing date and time
  • Hearing place
  • Date mailed
  • The due date for additional action
  • Issues (from multiple pages)

End of 5-Step Process with CaptureFast 1-Step Process

Manual Data Entry Fashion


5 minutes without the data entry of issues
10 minutes with issues
  1. Scan by a document scanner without the professional settings.
  2. Save the scanned pages to a temporary folder in a non-secure computer.
  3. Open the web browser and log in to the software you use to follow up on the cases.
  4. Find the case and manually enter the required data by reading from the paper.
  5. Browse the file you just scanned and upload the image file to the software.

Capturefast Privilege


5 seconds with everything
  1. Scan the notice of hearing with the most advanced settings by just pressing a button

How does 5-Step Process become 1-Step Process with CaptureFast

Fujitsu Fi-7300 NX Scanner

Thanks to Fujitsu NX 7300 Scanner, this solution has the ability to successfully scan the documents with professional settings.

Scanner will scan and post images to CaptureFast seamlessly without any human interaction. This way, you can easily extract the information from documents in 5 seconds.