Overcome the Limitations of Manual Data Entry

Each company grows to a point where the manual data entry processes become huge and employees cannot catch up with the workload. With data entry increasing at exceptional rates, the chance of data entry errors increases to a point where the company falls at a risk of failing the audits. Even skilled employees with years of experience are prone to make mistakes while performing repetitive manual data entry as they handle enormous data on daily basis. The manual data entry workload is stated to be one of the key factors to reduce employees’ motivation of an organization during a survey.

Challenges with Manual Entry

For example, notice the scenario in a legal office. They handle a huge amount of paperwork on daily basis and each piece of document is an indispensable part of a case file. Document processing should be streamlined to improve compliance and productivity. Speed is a huge limitation when it comes to manual data entry. To preserve the integrity of manual data entered by employees, double entries are required. Time taken for double entry makes the workload huge for employees to finish the task in the specified period.

Documents sometimes pose ambiguity in terms of unlabelled fields which has to be left for the best guess of the clerk on the job. Document capture is the way to eliminate the ambiguity of documents and preserve the data as it is. The productivity of the employees does not increase over the years if they are left with same old manual entry.

In the present digital era, none of the employees like to struggle with paperwork. Here are some ways to prevent data entry errors in the organization and reduce manual data entry process. Overworked and stressed staff will cost your company huge losses over the time. So hire sufficient staff to share the workload. If the company is low on resources or is limited to hire new employees, data entry automation is the smart solution.

Leverage the use of appropriate software tools to make the task at hand easy. Standardization of data entry process will reduce the number of errors made daily. Utilize the cloud platform and mobile application of CaptureFast to extract the data from documents, digitize it and store safely.

Ensuring Data Integrity with Data Entry Automation

Humans tend to make mistakes, entry, and re-entry of data manually is a time-consuming process which costs a lot of manpower to an organization. There comes a need in every department for efficient data capture which can eliminate the costly errors. Application-based data capture is a more accurate method of automated data entry with slim chances for error. Document capture method relieves the stress from employees regarding lost document or incorrect record. It becomes easy to safeguard important information. Data can be checked easily for inventories, compliance measures and for making predictions regarding company products or future launches.

The automated process will boost employees’ motivation and helps them to move to more important and meaningful work. Data capture identifies information from the documents and processes it with great precision. The technology-driven solution to document processing has taken over the error-prone manual data entry off the grid. From daily documentation to sending invoices, data capture technology is used in various offices and businesses. CaptureFast portal is a perfect start for firms aiming toward digitization.

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