Is Bank Cooperation

How IsBank Automated Their Data Entry Systems With CaptureFast?

IsBank is one of the most preferred banks in Turkey for the customers, shareholders and employees.

Carrying a vital and historic mission, Turkey’s first national bank was responsible for initiation of a brand-new banking establishment in the country. This system is capable of many features such as managing funds as well as providing savings.

İşBank takes care of a great variety of businesses nearly in all cities of the country. Therefore, İşBank fulfills an important task of processing hundreds of documents in various types. To be able to be capable of processing these documents, İşBank has to extract data from them.

At this step, İşBank cooperates with CaptureFast to extract the data in a digitalized version. This cooperation involves extracting the data from numerous types of documents, digitalizing the document processes, minimizing the data entrance durations.

Thanks to pioneering cloud-based system, CaptureFast automatizes a comparatively complex procedure and assists İşBank in digitalizing contract processes, controlling invoices. With the help of CaptureFast, İşBank eliminates tendency to make mistakes in addition to saving time and manual labour. CaptureFast extracts information on required documents to its cloud-based software in an efficient and simple manner. Following this, extracted data can be imported into and transferred between other applications to be used at any time convenient.