CaptureFast Data Entry Automation

Data Entry Automation, But How?

Straddling a line between data entry automation and manual systems, huge differences occur in many different aspects.

First of all, time 
efficiency matters. Manual data entry means a huge workload for almost all industries. Because of taking too much time, it wastes your staff’s resources. Too much human involvement can have a huge labor cost for your business.

Old fashioned bookkeeping systems such as manual data processing tend to waste time. Computer-based systems have the potential to quickly adjust data, identify problems, and reduce wasted time while minimizing errors. Also, it is easier to manage this kind of computer system than human-based data entry operations. In addition to these positive impacts, data entry automation can also handle a large number of documents and invoices.

Furthermore, stakeholders value cost reduction, and Computer-based systems can save money in the long run with error reduction, time efficiency, and faster responses to clients. 

Best of all, rare computer breakdowns are efficiently covered in a little amount of time with convenient back-up data. Rather than copying all pages of invoices and documents, data entry automation can easily provide companies with back-ups. It can help companies saving all transactions and backing them up in case of a system crash.

Data Entry Automation with CaptureFast

Above all, CaptureFast provides your company with cloud-based software. CaptureFast accelerates the whole process with its data entry automation capabilities. This is a software system that saves you from having another department specified for data entry. CaptureFast offers you a convenient and precise way to extract texts as well as documents. Firstly, the user logins into CaptureFast. Then creates a document type for a specific document. Finally, CaptureFast extracts data from the documents and transfers it into your preferred business applications. If needed, the user can also manually verify data on CaptureFast verification UI.

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