Document Capture Applications and Examples of Use

Outdated paper handling processes are resulting in unhappy customers due to delay in services rendered. Document management practices have changed as a result of swift technological advances from the past 2 decades. Document capture applications have made their way into all business sectors to improve the services, increase the response rate and ultimately gain the customer satisfaction. With the help of data capture applications, firms no longer lose the customer trust due to lengthy business processes. Accuracy in document handling has increased rapidly with automated data entry with no wastage of time from manual work.

Data Capture Examples of Use

Every single business of the present day uses barcodes for different reasons. Data extraction from barcodes also falls under data capture applications. Barcode recognition is useful for an IT firm to keep track of their equipment. With mobile-based asset management, employees can retrieve data easily about machine maintenance cycles. Retail companies selling goods use barcode recognition for point of sale and delivery. Shopping stores have a high use of scanning barcodes and data entry through it at checkout points. Delivery couriers can update shipment details and itineraries of delivery routes through barcode data capture.

Paper Forms Automation

Every day we can still see various paper forms in organizations which need to be filled manually. They can benefit a lot from automation and data capture. Membership cards of sports centers, stores and applications for bank account opening, applying for credit card, health care forms and warranty cards of appliances can now be easily automated for quicker business processing. Data collection surveys and customer satisfaction surveys, and tax forms can be streamlined by automation to reduce data entry time. It also reduces error rates by the firms which collect these data and reenter into their systems.

CaptureFast is a reliable document capture application which has superior ability and features to automate the scanning process of paper documents. This data capture software augments the normal functionalities of the business process and adds efficiency. It brings standardization to the business process and regulates the workflow. The digital copies which are uploaded after document scanning can be used as original legal copies. CaptureFast speeds up the business process and saves a great deal of time. Data from papers, Emails, and faxes can be captured and stored digitally with this document capture application.

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