CaptureFast & JSSI Integration

Nowadays, all companies are in need of adapting their businesses to world’s global standards. While the companies are trying to meet the standards, vital elements are speed and convenience. CaptureFast & JSSI integration directly aims to reach these elements at its best standards.

JSSI, Jet Support Services Inc., is stabilizingaircraft maintenance costs and providing aircraft engines and airframes with maintenance programs. JSSI, as the leading company in aviation, provides adaptable tools for maintenance services of turbine-powered aircraft products including jets, turbo-pops and helicopters. Fundamental vision of this company is to boost the most innovative products in aviation industry. That is where JSSI collaborates with CaptureFast, as the most flexible data extraction company.

JSSI assists its customers within 4 ranges of programs: business aviation, commercial aviation, helicopter programs, government and defence. Serving in different fields and having many clients around the world, JSSI deals with huge number of requests. This brings an excessive amount of data to extract and save. We as the CaptureFast help this company to extract data in a more efficient way. Also, we provide them with powerful insight on advanced table recognition thanks to our AI-powered data capture solution.

CaptureFast’s advanced table recognition and complex table extraction technologies are safe and effective as solutions for JSSI maintenance programs. To detect and analyse data in a table is efficient with our intelligent document recognition technology. Our methods include data capturing from editable or noneditable physical or scanned documents. This partnership will provide JSSI’s clients an all-in-one, ready-to-deploy solution for customers’ extraction needs. So that, JSSI is providing its customers with topnotch standards at stabilizing maintenance costs and programs.

CaptureFast and JSSI integration is ready to bring efficiency to your business. Now you can experience this with highest standard of service and excellence.