How Can Small Businesses Reduce Manual Labor in Daily Operations?

Digitisation and automation are taking over jobs that used to require manual labor. Contrary to the popular belief that technology can never replace a person from his job, automation has proved that works can be done in short time and with better efficiency with hardly any human involvement.

As a matter of fact, automation is leading to more revenue generation due to less human resource requirements and more time to work on more projects.

The following are some of the processes where SMEs can reduce manual labor dependency in its daily operations:

Document Processing – It is natural for any company to deal with tons of papers in every day’s operations. Companies have to keep some people to manage all the documents correctly and process them manually in every stage of operation. Storing and retrieving these documents also involve human labor. Instead, companies can have an automated document capture system and a single person will be able to handle all the documents effortlessly starting from capture, processing, storing to retrieving them at lightning speed.

Financial Reports – Companies need to have employees to manage invoice manually, do offline transactions and prepare financial reports after examining all the invoices and account statements. The entire process of auditing takes so many days and involves so many people. But once companies go for digitisation, they can accept and make online payments and produce digital invoices. Generating financial reports and auditing will take a few minutes. Moreover, critical analysis of data will point out major opportunities and points of improvement that manual work can never provide.

Admin / Back Office Works – Previously, companies used to have multiple employees who were continuously engaged in various back office works. But with automation and digitisation, no manual labor is required. A person can take care of all the back office works with a computer and companies can hire more employees for mainstream works.

Marketing – It is an established fact that online marketing is more effective than offline marketing. These days, companies hire less marketing related employees because only a few online marketing experts can do that job. Through online marketing, a company can reach to new heights never achieved before. Furthermore, they can change strategies and get vital analytics to understand targeted customers better and serve them according to their needs to better lead generation and conversion rate.

Better Management – Proper management is one of the vital daily operations that determine the overall success of a company. Companies generally have dedicated management people for different departments irrespective of how insignificant the department is. But with digitisation, enterprise resource planning platform has integrated all the different business operations, and departments inside one platform and hence, a manager can manage multiple departments easily and efficiently. Now, companies can do better client management, planning and processing, and customer services.

As a matter of fact, human resource management has improved and the allocation of talents according to their strength is helping companies to achieve new targets and goals effortlessly. Everyday operations starting from planning, production, procession, distribution, performance, to governance, services and sales and marketing can be managed from one place efficiently.

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